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Content Marketing for Hotels

If you find everyday social networking stressful because you “don’t know what to write and especially how to create content”, relax…this Toolbox is designed for you. Have you heard of lead generation? How to make a previously unknown person leave their email address and become a follower of your brand? The Toolbox will be a.. Read more »

INVASIONI DIGITALI: Audience engagement & User journey map

Creating empathy with the traveller’s cultural experience. Introduction Marianna Marcucci – Co-Founder Invasioni Digitali Workshop Vincenzo Di Maria – President Architecta Disruption Marianna Marcucci – Co-Founder Invasioni Digitali Barbara Marcotulli – Service Designer & Experience Designer Fabrizio Todisco – Co-Founder Invasioni DigitaliRead more »

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Hands up, surrender!

The relationship between OLTA [OnLIneTravelAgencies] and hoteliers is a mixture of love and hate. There’s no question that commercial mediation is an important element in sales for hotels. It’s no use continuing to complain or falling for the myth of doing without intermediaries. The real aim is to try and optimise mediation, partly by learning.. Read more »

From website to facebook. The basic steps for advertising on smartphone and tablet

In Italy (and the world), browsing on smartphones and tablets has overtaken desktop computers, with 17.2 million users connecting every day from mobile devices as opposed to 12.3 million from desktops (figures from Audiweb, June 2015). In a scenario where year on year internet use is increasingly moving to mobile devices, it’s essential that every.. Read more »

Governing the flow of tourism, trials

The art and culture capitals are full to saturation, famous sites are often reduced to sterile display cases, with a growing demand that follows the trends of world tourism and creates huge problems both for residents and for visitors’ enjoyment of the place itself. Some places have difficulty drawing visitors, others selecting them and attracting.. Read more »

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TrustYou – lo standard della reputazione online – potente strumento in grado di raccogliere ed analizzare semanticamente recensioni da più di 250 fonti tra cui siti web, social network, forum e blog di viaggio.  Migliaia di alberghi singoli e catene (Accor, Fairmont, Falkensteiner, Hard Rock, HNH Hotels and Resorts, Starhotels, TH Resorts, Thomas Cook ecc.) utilizzano TrustYou.. Read more »

Hotels: digital success strategies, from ROI to brand awareness

Il settore alberghiero è stato il primo a sviluppare ampie e globali strategie di digital marketing e sui social media.  Quanto convertono questi investimenti in termini di vendite?  Come spostano la percezione dei brand sul mercato e promuovono servizi? Keynote SpeakerPiergiorgio Capozza – Brand and Communications Manager Baglioni Hotels Introduzione, moderazione e conclusioniPaola Baldacci – Giornalista.. Read more »

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Learning from a billion bookings: mobile goes mainstream

Presentato da Criteo.  L’ecosistema del digital display advertising è stato rivoluzionato un decennio fa, quandoCriteo ha introdotto la personalizzazione su larga scala del travel on-line.  Esaminando i dati attraverso lalente dell’ esperienza di 10 anni di performance marketing, Criteo presenterà nuoviinsight grazie ad un miliardo di prenotazioni effettuate negli ultimi 18 mesi. Saranno presentate le ultime.. Read more »

Digital Attack! Conquest Web Marketing

Awareness e Performace: come conciliare l’uno e l’altro obiettivo sul Web?  Ci vuole un nuovo approccio!  Il successo di unastrategia digitale sta nell’adozione delle corrette azioni di web marketing, tra attività di conquista e di difesa. Adottare un approccio di conquista significa rafforzare la propria Brand Identity, conferendo riconoscibilità e autorevolezza ad una platea sempre.. Read more »

Technology helps to improve customer satisfaction and optimize your reputation

Today as never before, technology in the hotel makes a difference. Find out how the simple adoption of certain tools can:– exponentially increase your customer base– improve customer satisfaction– optimize your reputation on online travel reviews portals Over the last 12 months Oscar WiFi has managed Internet access to nearly 1.5 million devices; a “pseudo”.. Read more »

What do you do to have a successful non-hotel accommodation structure?

Italy could live only on Tourism, start to do it directly! Today, an American on four book alternative accommodation that are not hotels.Airbnb,, Expedia… everyone is attracted by this “alternative” kind of accommodations. Too bad that within three years, those who won’t have adapted their offer, that won’t be specialized, will be replaced by.. Read more »

(Un)common places and tourism. BTO 2015 adopts Corleone

Starting with the 2015 edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online, a new format is being trialled: the adoption of Places (un)common in tourism. The idea conceived by Gianni Lacorazza and Annalisa Romeo comes from their recent experience in Corleone, where a group of young people has begun a process of reinterpretation of the town’s.. Read more »

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Man in a suitecase

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The exponential growth of Airbnb has demolished certainty in the hospitality sector. No longer a Sharing Economy phenomenon, it has become a real leading player, considered by many as a true competitor of giants like and Expedia. With Airbnb is April Rinne, one of the world’s leading experts on the Sharing Economy.

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Keynote speaker:
Matteo Stifanelli (Airbnb)

April Rinnie

(R)evolutionizing metasearch: how to generate direct bookings on trivago

Why spending time and resources on metasearch to sell hotel rooms? What is exactly the metasearch marketing? How can I show my official rates on trivago and boost direct sales in my hotel website? What are the trivago Direct Connect, the trivago PRO and the Quality Test and how do they work? Keynote SpeakerGiulia Eremita.. Read more »

Until it Sleeps / The Room Gap. Ancillary Services

In the current context of duopoly in online travel, Amazon and Alibaba looking to step into it, Google starting to sell rooms and the metasearch sites increasing their market share, hotels are getting more and more interested into increasing the profits generated by direct distribution channel. Direct booking remains the most desired conversion channel.. Read more »

HackTravel Shift BTO 2015 Edition, the story [part I]

The story of Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 Edition. The first of two parts. Introductory pitches for the ideas developed during the hackathon. In 3 minutes, each team will present the ideas and millennials prototypes conceived in response to the companies’ briefings. Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 is a project created by Travel Appeal and the Fondazione.. Read more »

Social innovation in tourism: experiences

Viaggi Solidali (ethical journeys), the European project by Migrantour: immigrants show tourists and visitors where they live their lives and express their culture in twelve European cities. Il Giusto di Viaggiare (the justice of travel): properties confiscated from the Mafia become sites for visits, meetings and testimony, with young people committed to legality. Brigands of.. Read more »

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How to double the turnover of your website with the on-site comparison tool? Simple and immediate

Colleagues who have already done this will explain how it works. Loved by travellers worldwide and tested with passion by GestioneAlbergo engineers for over a year, the on-site comparison tool is a powerful widget to install on your website. View the tariffs shown on your website in real time and compare them with the tariffs.. Read more »

Creating an online bookings portal is worthwhile. We’ll convince you of this by sharing

Does it still make sense to launch a bookings portal in a market dominated by the OTAs? We will analyse some success stories, showing you how it is possible to profit from a portal, by uniting tourism operators, choosing the correct sales policies and investing in the local area and the tourist travel experience. We.. Read more »


AEROPOLIS in BTO 2015 in 50 minuti indaga su come le infrastrutture aeroportuali si stanno trasformando da non luoghi a luoghi aperti non solo a chi viaggia, ma anche ai residenti.  Nuovi centri d’attrazione per le città che richiamano l’attenzione delle Compagnie Aeree che colgono in questa evoluzione l’occasione per intensificare il lavoro attorno ai propri clienti, investendo anche sui.. Read more »

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FutureBrand. Us, minor? Far from the madding crowd, tourism in search of originality and minor towns

A small-scale investigation into the minor cities and districts that, all over Europe, have learned to attract tourists fed up with destinations that are super-crowded and no longer “original”. Jena vs Berlin, Grenoble vs Paris, Manchester vs London, Udine vs Venice, to mention just a few. The case of Brianza Experience: how an area can.. Read more »

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The challenge

For a tourist destination, playing a major role in today’s tourism panorama is increasingly complex and the equivalent of a small act of rebellion: to create value you have to succeed in maintaining synchronicity between a thousand factors. This panel discussion will address the obstacle-strewn path of a destination, analysed from the perspective of a.. Read more »

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HackTravel Shift BTO 2015 Edition, the results [part II]

The story and prize giving of Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 Edition. The second of two parts. EC Vacanze, Alpitour, Poste Italiane and SEA will present the prizes to the winning teams in the hackathon. Special prizes will also be awarded by Unicredit and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 is a project created.. Read more »

Dhynet, the first and only distributive booking engine

Un nuovo business model che permette agli operatori del settore di governare le leve commerciali e di marketing del proprio albergo.  Non solo un sistema di prenotazioni online quindi ma una vera strategia di promozione atta a garantire un rapporto diretto, one-to-one con il cliente utilizzando tecnologie esclusive. Dhynet è il frutto di una ventennale.. Read more »

Oh my God

In Italian

The event of the year worldwide. Every TV channel in the world talked about it. In the USA Fabio is already a rock star. The video has been viewed more than 25 million times. Creator Fabio Zaffagnini tells us how it happened.

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Special Event:
Fabio Zaffagnini (1000 Rockin)

Can’t stand losing you

In Italian

We were on the verge of losing group, but instead the new group, which also includes Bravofly and Rumbo, has bounced back. In an interview by Giancarlo Carniani, we try to understand the strategies used and how it’s possible to gain a share of the market in the face of the Booking / Expedia duopoly..

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Keynote+ Interview:
Fabio Cannavale ( group)
Giancarlo Carniani

SI Protection: innovative solutions for Hotel Risk Management

SI Hotels, in collaboration with a leading insurance company, presents a radical shift in perspective for the hospitality sector: no longer merely insurance policies but schemes for the protection of every aspect of the hotel business. Keynote Speaker Gianmarco Ricci – CFO SI Hotels TBA – Strategica GroupRead more »

Is the sharing economy transforming tourism?

L’intervento di April Rinne, inteso più come una condivisa esplorazione ed una conversazione con il pubblico piuttosto che una lecture frontale ed unilaterale, intende analizzare i possibili scenari futuri dell’influenza dell’economia della condivisione sul settore turistico.  Per farlo, saranno ripercorsi i driver e principi fondamentali della sharing economy anche attraverso l’esame di numerose best practice.. Read more »

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And now what do I do with Facebook?

If from the technical viewpoint Facebook is evolving (somewhat), what is changing rapidly are the circumstances and the ways in which a company (whether small or large) working in tourism can and should use the world’s most widespread social network. Hence the question: And what shall I do on Facebook now? The answer is not.. Read more »

Teamwork: personalisation vs standardisation

What should today’s hotels aim for in their provision of services? What is the appropriate balance between the two approaches? How is it possible (paradoxically) to standardise personalisation and still be successful? Is it possible to personalise service by creating operational standards (more cost-efficient) and improve guest experience? We will examine examples and case studies.. Read more »

Towards the hotel of the future, what tomorrow’s business travellers will be looking for

Una ricerca appena condotta da HRS ci presenta cosa si aspettano le aziende e chi viaggia per lavoro dall’hotel del futuro.  Una valutazione sui servizi offerti e su quelli indispensabili per rispondere alle nuove istanze delle aziende e dei viaggiatori business, verso un futuro ampificato e tecnologico.  Con il contributo scientifico di AirPlus International e.. Read more »

From Booking Engine to Marketing Engine

Born in one of Italy’s most competitive hotel markets, Romagna, iperbooking is not merely a simple bookings engine, it goes much further and allows advanced and integrated management of all aspects of online sales and marketing. From the acquisition of new clients via innovative distribution channels, integration with Google’s powerful remarketing tools, to sophisticated functions.. Read more »

Video, the new ‘must have’ to drive direct bookings

What does video mean for independent hotels? Why has video recently gained popularity in the hotel industry? What are the benefits for hotels in producing videos? Should hotels be looking at video as new marketing content or an acquisition channel? How can hoteliers build a sustainable content strategy with high ROI? This training session will.. Read more »


Next to you

In English

We take an in-depth and up-to-date look at what Google could do with its new travel products, with reflection from Dell Ross and Philip Wolf. How will the ‘instant booking’ services of Google and Tripadvisor affect the market?

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Del Ross (Noctober)
Philip Wolf


Hypermediation originates in an initial undervaluation of the potential of the web and online sales mechanisms, subsequent distractions and numerous poor practices used by tourism service providers, and in particular hoteliers, as approaches to distribution. With the scrapping of the parity rate and the advent of meta search engines and instant booking sites, is disintermediation.. Read more »

State of the Net at BTO 2015 [ / @stateofthenet]

Where is the digital world going? What are the current key issues? The 2015 edition of “State of The Net”, a yearly event that brings together international experts and visionaries to examine the direction our digital lives are taking, is dedicated to the topic of algorithms, the automatic mechanisms that regulate much of our online.. Read more »

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So near, yet so far: mobile & proximity marketing for building relationships

How can we use the new mobile marketing tools constructively and profitably? An introduction to push notifications, geo-location, beacons and other technologies, moving from sales promotion to a comprehensive purchasing experience for our clients. Speaker Marco Brambilla – CommonsenseRead more »


Reputation in tourism

This slot is dedicated to the topic of Reputation in Tourism, and thus has a particular focus on good practice and errors not to make for operators in the entire tourism chain, especially hospitality. Both Varner and Nicola have been highly valued speakers at the past two editions of BTO in 2013 and 2014; at.. Read more »

Hotel Photography by Janos Grapow

This session is geared to training, and explores the methods and management of a photography service for Hotels. Starting with the choice of photographer and the drafting of the quote, it presents an analysis of the most essential aspects of a photographic service for Hotels, including the language of images, web applications and devices and.. Read more »

King of Pain

In English

With a keynote speech by David Turnbull (one of the men behind the success of the CitizenM brand), we attempt to analyse the changes occurring in distribution. Are all the major hotel companies – Accor, Starwood, Hilton – looking at the model?

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Keynote + Talkback:
David Turnbull (Snapshot/CitizenM)
Jan Tissera (TravelClick)
Jean Luc Chretien (Accor)
Giancarlo Carniani

Vetrina Toscana, one year on: Gigi Tagliapietra and “cum-petere”

Gigi Tagliapietra, mastro tecnologo, torna sull’argomento di come stare assieme. il cuore è il concetto di “cum-petere”: da cum e petere “chiedere, dirigersi a” (definizione del Dizionario Devoto-Oli, 2005) che significa andare insieme, far convergere in un medesimo punto, ossia mirare ad un obiettivo comune, nonché finire insieme, incontrarsi, corrispondere, coincidere e gareggiare.  Apertura della.. Read more »

In Italian

From Winckelmann to Squallor: liberating, desecrating, re-using, re-contextualising culture…

From Winckelmann to Squallor: liberating, desecrating, re-using and re-contextualising culture, places and works. In an increasingly hyperconnected world, synchrony between people and information is based on comprehending the language. Interpreting data originating in places and works, sending people amusing and viral messages and stickers via chat: these are engaging ways of receiving and sharing knowledge… Read more »

In Italian

Movieland; synchrony and innovation between cinema and territory

La affermazione ed il successo delle Webseries  pongono prospettive di successo per la promozione turistica dei territori, che si affermano attraverso le location, con una diffusione globale e virale, portando il cineturismo in un’ottica di sviluppo economico e di iniziative mirate a mettere in risalto il legame cinema/territorio. Apertura, moderazione e conclusioniGiovanni Bastianelli – Direttore Agenzia Regionale.. Read more »

In Italian

And they call it sharing

50 minuti per indagare gli angoli meno noti della sharing economy, il suo legame con l’innovazione e TUTTI gli altri temi di BTO 2015: partendo da distribution e destination, per passare a sharing, mobile e al social, per finire a toccare market leader. Uno slot che si pone l’obiettivo di provocare una riflessione sulla confusione.. Read more »

In Italian

Video: do it yourself

Siamo nell’anno del boom dei video su web, un trend destinato a crescere sempre di più nei prossimi anni, ma sono ancora poche le aziende che scelgono questo strumento per raccontarsi.  Alti costi, complessità tecniche, difficoltà di progettazione sembrano ostacoli apparentemente difficili da affrontare, ma è veramente così?  In questa “Cassetta degli Attrezzi” vedremo insieme.. Read more »

7 ways hotels throw money away on web marketing

La Cassetta degli Attrezzi è volta ad evidenziare le modalità con cui gli albergatori buttano via soldi in attività di marketing, anche senza accorgersene, ed a riprendere il controllo sui propri investimenti in maniera semplice, pratica e continuativa.  Verrà poi mostrato come misurare il reale valore di web agency e consulenti, misurare i risultati delle.. Read more »

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