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From website to facebook. The basic steps for advertising on smartphone and tablet

In Italy (and the world), browsing on smartphones and tablets has overtaken desktop computers, with 17.2 million users connecting every day from mobile devices as opposed to 12.3 million from desktops (figures from Audiweb, June 2015). In a scenario where year on year internet use is increasingly moving to mobile devices, it’s essential that every.. Read more »


Teamwork: personalisation vs standardisation

What should today’s hotels aim for in their provision of services? What is the appropriate balance between the two approaches? How is it possible (paradoxically) to standardise personalisation and still be successful? Is it possible to personalise service by creating operational standards (more cost-efficient) and improve guest experience? We will examine examples and case studies.. Read more »


Reputation in tourism

This slot is dedicated to the topic of Reputation in Tourism, and thus has a particular focus on good practice and errors not to make for operators in the entire tourism chain, especially hospitality. Both Varner and Nicola have been highly valued speakers at the past two editions of BTO in 2013 and 2014; at.. Read more »

Hotel Photography by Janos Grapow

This session is geared to training, and explores the methods and management of a photography service for Hotels. Starting with the choice of photographer and the drafting of the quote, it presents an analysis of the most essential aspects of a photographic service for Hotels, including the language of images, web applications and devices and.. Read more »


Notes of digital coaching

The secret is not to chase after butterflies but to cultivate our garden: notes on digital coaching. E-mails, sponsored posts, WhatsApp notifications and tags are common in our everyday experience, but how many of them are really welcomed and relevant for us? The flourishing of numerous sharing tools has turned our interlocutors’ attention into a.. Read more »


Marketing and profiling in the age of privacy

The presentation will discuss the new management models for digital marketing, with particular reference to profiling, big data and the rules to follow based on the “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” paradigms, and thence to the forthcoming European Privacy regulations. Keynote Speaker Monica Gobbato – LawyerRead more »


Tourism photo emotions. Getting excited with 2.0 photos

“A volte c’è un’unica immagine la cui struttura compositiva ha un tale vigore e una tale ricchezza e il cui contenuto irradia a tal punto al di fuori di essa che questa singola immagine è in sé un’intera narrazione.” Henri Cartier Bresson, fotografo Keynote SpeakerAnton Sessa – Founder FassaCom e appassionato di fotografiaRead more »