And now what do I do with Facebook?

If from the technical viewpoint Facebook is evolving (somewhat), what is changing rapidly are the circumstances and the ways in which a company (whether small or large) working in tourism can and should use the world’s most widespread social network.

Hence the question: And what shall I do on Facebook now?

The answer is not only not obvious, it’s also continually changing. A strategic look and a practical slant on how to best use and synchronise Facebook within an overall digital strategy.

From small hotels and restaurants to the governance of regions: can we be sure we are using Facebook to our best advantage, and have we chosen the best possible viewpoint? This Toolbox aims high, to create a strategic framework to enable anyone who works in tourism to move around Facebook, providing ideas, opportunities and tools.

Keynote Speaker
Rocco Rossitto – Co-founder #webinpratica
Paolo Ratto – Consultant and trainer in online communication

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