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INVASIONI DIGITALI: Audience engagement & User journey map

Creating empathy with the traveller’s cultural experience. Introduction Marianna Marcucci – Co-Founder Invasioni Digitali Workshop Vincenzo Di Maria – President Architecta Disruption Marianna Marcucci – Co-Founder Invasioni Digitali Barbara Marcotulli – Service Designer & Experience Designer Fabrizio Todisco – Co-Founder Invasioni DigitaliRead more »

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Technology helps to improve customer satisfaction and optimize your reputation

Today as never before, technology in the hotel makes a difference. Find out how the simple adoption of certain tools can:– exponentially increase your customer base– improve customer satisfaction– optimize your reputation on online travel reviews portals Over the last 12 months Oscar WiFi has managed Internet access to nearly 1.5 million devices; a “pseudo”.. Read more »


HackTravel Shift BTO 2015 Edition, the story [part I]

The story of Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 Edition. The first of two parts. Introductory pitches for the ideas developed during the hackathon. In 3 minutes, each team will present the ideas and millennials prototypes conceived in response to the companies’ briefings. Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 is a project created by Travel Appeal and the Fondazione.. Read more »

Social innovation in tourism: experiences

Viaggi Solidali (ethical journeys), the European project by Migrantour: immigrants show tourists and visitors where they live their lives and express their culture in twelve European cities. Il Giusto di Viaggiare (the justice of travel): properties confiscated from the Mafia become sites for visits, meetings and testimony, with young people committed to legality. Brigands of.. Read more »

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AEROPOLIS in BTO 2015 in 50 minuti indaga su come le infrastrutture aeroportuali si stanno trasformando da non luoghi a luoghi aperti non solo a chi viaggia, ma anche ai residenti.  Nuovi centri d’attrazione per le città che richiamano l’attenzione delle Compagnie Aeree che colgono in questa evoluzione l’occasione per intensificare il lavoro attorno ai propri clienti, investendo anche sui.. Read more »

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HackTravel Shift BTO 2015 Edition, the results [part II]

The story and prize giving of Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 Edition. The second of two parts. EC Vacanze, Alpitour, Poste Italiane and SEA will present the prizes to the winning teams in the hackathon. Special prizes will also be awarded by Unicredit and the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Shift HackTravel BTO 2015 is a project created.. Read more »


SI Protection: innovative solutions for Hotel Risk Management

SI Hotels, in collaboration with a leading insurance company, presents a radical shift in perspective for the hospitality sector: no longer merely insurance policies but schemes for the protection of every aspect of the hotel business. Keynote Speaker Gianmarco Ricci – CFO SI Hotels TBA – Strategica GroupRead more »

Teamwork: personalisation vs standardisation

What should today’s hotels aim for in their provision of services? What is the appropriate balance between the two approaches? How is it possible (paradoxically) to standardise personalisation and still be successful? Is it possible to personalise service by creating operational standards (more cost-efficient) and improve guest experience? We will examine examples and case studies.. Read more »


State of the Net at BTO 2015 [ / @stateofthenet]

Where is the digital world going? What are the current key issues? The 2015 edition of “State of The Net”, a yearly event that brings together international experts and visionaries to examine the direction our digital lives are taking, is dedicated to the topic of algorithms, the automatic mechanisms that regulate much of our online.. Read more »

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From Winckelmann to Squallor: liberating, desecrating, re-using, re-contextualising culture…

From Winckelmann to Squallor: liberating, desecrating, re-using and re-contextualising culture, places and works. In an increasingly hyperconnected world, synchrony between people and information is based on comprehending the language. Interpreting data originating in places and works, sending people amusing and viral messages and stickers via chat: these are engaging ways of receiving and sharing knowledge… Read more »

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The bed’s too big without you

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The 20 innovations that will change the world of hospitality, through the analysis of attentive observer Larry Mogelonsky. When will they arrive? How can we be ready?

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Keynote + Talk:
Larry Mogelnosky (LMA)
Carlo Fontana (Hoxell)
Giovanna Manzi (BestWestern)
Giancarlo Carniani

Hotel Technology: from telephones to virtual reality

The online reputation of our hotel can be improved by offline strategies. To meet the expectations of the new generation of travellers – the millennials – it is essential to invest in new technologies. Together we will discover the opportunities – even low budget options – to transform our hotel into a “millennial-ready” establishment. Keynote.. Read more »


Periscope: the closest thing to teleportation

Periscope ci mostra il mondo in tempo reale, ma come funziona esattamente?  Come può essere usata per promuovere una destinazione?  Essendo ancora relativamente poco utilizzata, soprattutto in Italia, presenteremo alcuni case study, i nostri primi esperimenti e ci confronteremo sulle potenzialità del mezzo. Slot a cura di ALLTHINGSTuscany, il Social Media Team della Destinazione Toscana – Un progetto di Fondazione Sistema Toscana.. Read more »

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The frequencies of hospitality for all: let’s tune in. The communication of complex systems

Communication is a complex thing, even more so if the interlocutors communicate in different ways, albeit using the same language. How can we tackle communication for all: is it a paradox or an achievable aim? The time has come to address the question and find solutions. Organised by the Committee for the Promotion and Support.. Read more »

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Design and tourism: how can they work together?

Design can make the difference by improving the performance and positioning of a tourist business in a crowded market where it is extremely difficult to stand out. But other elements are needed to sustain that difference: and Synchronicity between these is essential in order to maximise the efforts of the entrepreneur to understand these new.. Read more »

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Lazio4innovators; start up e turismo, smart sinchronicity

Una piattaforma innovativa che permette di pianificare il tuo viaggio partendo dal budget a disposizione. Un’altra che mette in network ecommercializza l’offerta turistica diincoming della regione. Ed ancora come si può trasformare in maniera rivoluzionaria l’offerta culturale utilizzando le opportunità delle tecnologie di ultimagenerazione;  Ne parleranno tre giovani imprese del Lazio, che hanno il core business.. Read more »

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