What do you do to have a successful non-hotel accommodation structure?

Italy could live only on Tourism, start to do it directly!

Today, an American on four book alternative accommodation that are not hotels.
Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia… everyone is attracted by this “alternative” kind of accommodations.

Too bad that within three years, those who won’t have adapted their offer, that won’t be specialized, will be replaced by competitors.

How can you make the difference and launch a real business in this huge market, mostly composed of small and very small businessmen, private landlords and improvised people?

Vivere di Turismo® offers you a new approach to the job of non-hotel accommodation entrepreneur, sharing in this presentation a winning vision, directly proved by us and other dozens of non-hotel accommodation structures.

Number and statistics on the non-hotel accommodation market and alternative hospitality.
Brand conception in order not to fall in the “war prices”
How think successful businessmen: the mentality leading to results.
The importance of Focusing for priority activities.
Stop running after all the problems presenting themselves, resolve them from scratch!

If you have 2 bedrooms or 30 apartments, if you don’t have the results you should have, you are doing something wrong.

In a world in which tourism changes quickly, th only certainty is ourselves and our capacity to adapt ourselves and understand the changes happening.

See you in BTO!

Danilo Beltrante – Founder Vivere di Turismo®

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