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From website to facebook. The basic steps for advertising on smartphone and tablet

In Italy (and the world), browsing on smartphones and tablets has overtaken desktop computers, with 17.2 million users connecting every day from mobile devices as opposed to 12.3 million from desktops (figures from Audiweb, June 2015). In a scenario where year on year internet use is increasingly moving to mobile devices, it’s essential that every.. Read more »


So near, yet so far: mobile & proximity marketing for building relationships

How can we use the new mobile marketing tools constructively and profitably? An introduction to push notifications, geo-location, beacons and other technologies, moving from sales promotion to a comprehensive purchasing experience for our clients. Speaker Marco Brambilla – CommonsenseRead more »



Mobile innovation for tourism. The web plays an essential role in the search for the perfect holiday destination. But what happens when you get to your destination and the internet connection is not always available? GoodBarber is a DIY platform which allows you to create rapidly and simply a fantastic mobile application for iOS and.. Read more »


Voices inside my head

In English [with simultaneous translation]

The voices we have inside, above and through our heads, the voices of our mobile phones. We take a look at the remarkable research of Criteo and attempt to analyse, understand and discuss it.

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Keynote + Talk:
Daniele Beccari (Criteo)
Ghassan Teffaha (Amadeus)
Lorenzo Lanati (Tripadvisor)
Philip Wolf