(Un)common places and tourism. BTO 2015 adopts Corleone

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Starting with the 2015 edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online, a new format is being trialled: the adoption of Places (un)common in tourism. The idea conceived by Gianni Lacorazza and Annalisa Romeo comes from their recent experience in Corleone, where a group of young people has begun a process of reinterpretation of the town’s reputation in terms of tourism.

An integrated communication programme that aims to bring new appeal to a destination which can now envisage its identity in a different way, giving new colour to its story.

Hence the idea of working so that the BTO 2015 context, with its connections and its focus on contemporary issues, can “help” Corleone and other destinations to spread the word through a new vision to which local operators can aspire.

Keynote Speaker
Gianni Lacorazza – Journalist and communications expert
Annalisa Romeo – New Media Manager 

Guest, Corleone
Marco Mietto – Director of Rete Iter
Marilena Bagarella – Head of Training, Intus Group

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