BTO 2013 IT’S ME [ITisME] to be
BTO 2014 MIND the GAP to do
BTO 2015 SYNCHRONICITY to connect

Free from cause and effect, we spin horizontal threads in space and vertical threads in time, which intersect in an infinite spiderweb (web).

BTO 2015 - SynchronicityAt every intersection an individual, and every individual is a luminous drop of crystal (IT’S ME, .ITisME), and every drop reflects the light of others, crystals in the web.

And so, synchronically, we move from one point to the next (joining the dots), one person to the next (human to human), from station to station, being careful of the gap (MIND the GAP), from coincidence to coincidence in a complex network of connections, until we reach our destination, in the wonderful harmony predetermined by a universe where nothing happens by chance