State of the Net at BTO 2015 [ / @stateofthenet]

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Where is the digital world going?

What are the current key issues?

The 2015 edition of “State of The Net”, a yearly event that brings together international experts and visionaries to examine the direction our digital lives are taking, is dedicated to the topic of algorithms, the automatic mechanisms that regulate much of our online activity.

With moderation (so to speak) by Gigi Tagliapietra, organisers Beniamino Pagliaro, Paolo Valdemarin and Sergio Maistrello will explain the extent of algorithm use and its impact on the lives of people and business, also touching on other key issues regarding the evolution of the web.

Introduction, moderation and conclusions
Gigi Tagliapietra – Mastro tecnologo

Sergio Maistrello – Co-ideatore State of the Net
Beniamino Pagliaro – Co-ideatore State of the Net
Paolo Valdemarin – Co-ideatore State of the Net

All the events of December 2nd [Day One]