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5stelle* is a management software for all types of hotels, and it’s cloud! 5stelle* contains everything you need for the administration and the front office of your hotel, including:
– Property Management System (hotel, spa, restaurant, meeting rooms, parking and more)
– fully integrated Booking Engine (two-way)
– fully integration with OTA (with a two-way Channel Manager)
– customer relationship management

5stelle* is cloud software (Java)
– hotelier and revenue manager can stay connected to the reception (or they can stay connected to more than one reception) wherever they are, even with a tablet or smartphone.
– no licensing fees, no commission, but only an all-inclusive annual fee
– hotel do not need a dedicated server
– data are always safe
– training and support are “easy and immediate

”5stelle* is sales-oriented:
– hotel uses a single online sale instrument: planner, OTA, booking engine are managed from the same interface
– reservations by OTA are automatically inserted on the planner. Customer data stored in archive
– off-line reservations (phone, walk-in, email) are entered on the PMS from the reception and the online availability updated in real time

– revenue managers can create on 5stelle* special offers (last minute, early booking and many others). These appear instantly on your booking engine.


AirPlus International Italia

AirPlus International is a multinational corporation, based in Germany, specialized in the supply of innovative solutions for payment, reporting and analysis of business expenditure.

Thanks to AirPlus, companies, travel agencies and public administration have a complete range of payment solutions (virtual, mobile and credit cards) which allow them to manage, through only one centralized account –that can be integrated in the main financial management programs- all travel expenses (ticket, car rental, hotel, etc.) and all business expenditure (phones, courier etc.).

AirPlus integration both with the main global tourism suppliers and with corporate ERP and T&E systems satisfies organizations and travel agencies requirements related to the management of travel expenses. AirPlus simplifies processes, increases productivity and efficiency, improves internal technological systems and keeps costs in check.

AirPlus globally has 1,200 employees and provides highly innovative products and solutions for travel services payment to more than 43,000 customers.

AirPlus International has been operating in Italy since 2001. The Italian branch opened In Bologna in 2005. During these years it has registered a continuous development and continuous achievements.
Nowadays Italy is the third international market for AirPlus and the second, after China, for growth rate.

AirPlus International Italia


Communication or meta-communication through cosmetics certified, for an improved brand reputation.

Alfera Core Business’s is a BIO & GO GREEN Made in Italy COURTESY LINE, without parabens and without paraffin.Products are dermatologically tested on human beings and not on animals, for a world more and more ecofriendly.



Founded in 1992 with the idea of approaching the Italian university world to the travel world, Alidays develops the “leisure” segment of the industry by working on the concept of tailor made itineraries.The project started from the North American area, but was later expanded to reach many long-haul destinations such as Southern Africa, Oceania, Mexico, Guatemala, the Caribbean, South America, the UAE, the East and Indian Ocean.Its more than twenty years experience means that Alidays’ people master the knowledge of these destinations and are interpreters of a philosophy that combines the wishes of the customer to unique and personalized travel experiences.It was with this purpose in mind that, in 2011, Alidays undertook a new path, which resulted in Fluidtravel in 2015.Designed as a meeting place between the different “actors” of travel, Fluidtravel represents an innovative instrument where Consultants and Travelers have the opportunity to confront each other and interact in a smoother, more attentive to their needs, manner.An interactive platform that allows you to navigate and select over 10,000 experiences available all around the Planet.With just a few steps you will be able to look for experiences suited to your passions and insert them in an itinerary.Once this has been created, it will be sent to expert Advisors, who will take care of the details.The center of it all will not be the final destination, but all the motivations that lead the traveler to travel.


Best Western / SI Hotels

BEST WESTERN ITALIA covers 120 different destinations in Italy through a network of 180 hotels branded as BEST WESTERN, BEST WESTERN Plus and BEST WESTERN Premier.The affiliation model adopted by Best Western, in Italy as well as all over the world, on one hand allows hotel managers to embrace a well-known international brand, taking advantage of its undisputed know how, of its favorable distribution models and of its modern communication tools, while, on the other hand, it allows them to independently manage their own hotel.Join BEST WESTERN means being part of a network of relationships and global partnerships. It also means presiding and monitoring all trade and distribution channels, being supported in managing OTA in order to disintermediate and reduce their share, getting in touch with a multitude of loyal customers – Best Western Rewards has more than 24 million members all over the world – accessing to a multilingual website and to an exhaustive and continuous training program.


SI Hotels is a network of independent hotel managers, established in 2015, which aims to invest in business development solutions.
SI Hotels, which is based on a cooperative model, has been conceived by entrepreneurs who believe that creating a network is the only way to grow.
SI Hotels offers a range of solutions focused on increasing the hotel’s efficiency in all areas of management and on providing a system of custom-made solutions organized in five different fields:
SI Experience: a range of tools for analyzing and improving the customer experience in a hotel
SI Consulting: consulting solutions
SI Performance: skills to enhance results and exploit data
SI Supply: a system thought in order to gain savings and quality in purchases
SI Protection: Risk Management solutions in order to defend the hotel business


Best Western / SI Hotels

Birra Castello Spa – Fabbrica di Pedavena

Birra Castello S.p.A.was founded in San Giorgio diNogaro in 1997, taking over theindustrial productive complex of another historical friulano brand. Thisbrewing plant located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, is one of the mostmodern plants existing today in Italy.

The newcompany begins with the intent to capitalize the productive know howtenaciously obtained  by payinggreat attention to the high quality andgenuinness  of production, a local brewing tradition ofover more than a century and an efficient combination of modern technologyin management and supervision.

In 2006, it took over Pedavena brewing plant, one of the mosthistorical  plants of Italy,founded in 1867,  declaring a newbeginning for Pedavena and a new cycle in the Italian beer history.

BirraCastello is on the market with several brand, BirraCastello, Pedavena, Fabbrica di Pedavena Superior and Senza Glutine, and BirraDolomiti, that is dedicated to the Horeca distribution.

BirraDolomiti is a unique product tied to the territory deriving from a local integratedsupply chain project. That strongly exalts the origin of the raw materials.

Birra Dolomiti


We partner with hotels to build their brand online, drive direct business to their branded website, capture bookings with world class booking technology, help them optimize their online distribution and ensure they grow their margin per booking. Our solution is built around four main highly-effective service areas. While other companies may offer services with similar names, our advantage is the real deep integration of these services so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our clients love our highly personalized approach, listening to your requirements, reacting to your specific needs, keeping in touch with you regularly to discuss progress.We have six offices in Europe and we speak your language.



Bookingfor is an innovative virtual tourism promotion and marketing service for holiday destinations, consortia for the promotion of tourism, LAGs, tour operators, hotel chains, business networks, web agencies, OLTAs and themed vertical portals. Easy-to-use, intuitive and highly efficient, BookingFor is the ideal tool to manage on-line booking procedures. BookingFor is SEO-friendly, multi-lingual and compatible with mobile devices. It is entirely customisable, extremely scalable and adaptable to websites of all sizes, and also offers the possibility for developers to access the API interface for integrations based on OTA standards and to access the Open Source code for the development of components, applications and customisations. The service is scalable even in terms of costs thanks to its “pay-per-use” option which allows users to eliminate all start-up costs and pay based on how much they effectively use the system.Bookingfor stems from the know-how of Ipertrade and Time2marketing, web agencies specialising in the development of on-line technology and marketing projects aimed at promoting and endorsing tourist businesses and destinations.


Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels™ is one of the largest lodging franchisors in the world with more than 6,300 hotels, representing more than 500,000 rooms, in over 30 other countries and territories. With nearly 500 hotels across Europe under the Comfort™, Quality™, Clarion® and Ascend Hotel Collection® brands, Choice Hotels Europe™ franchises 17 properties in Italy.
Choice Hotels offers the Choice Privileges® rewards program. With more than 24 million members worldwide, is one of the fastest growing hotel loyalty programs in the travel industry..

Choice Hotels


Connectis presents the “Leonardo Project”: a new concept of ICT for tourism that offers innovative solutions for the information of tourists and citizens with official media channels. Automatic Information Offices H24, mobile devices, interactive proximity tools, are just some of the proposals of “Leonardo” to the world of official tourism. Connectis collaborates since 1999 with public institutions for the management of official tourism databases and develops web-based applications for the management of portals of the Public Administration and private companies. Connectis created the web-platform for online booking of the Tuscany Regional Government. Connectis has a long experience in the development of information systems for public bodies in charge of Tourism Promotion in Tuscany. Many other public and private organizations throughout Italy are using Connectis’ systems for the promotion worldwide of accommodation facilities and of the national cultural heritage.


Convention Bureau / Viva Firenze

Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau is a nonprofit consortium operating since 1995 as a destination promoter of Florence which aims to increase quantity, quality and scientific importance of events held in the city. FCVB is a highly professional network of more than 170 members able to connect local administrations, private firms and cultural companies and propose countless facilities and venues for congresses, events and international weddings. All our services are completely free of charge.
Also, FCVB is now the official partner of the Municipality of Florence in promoting the destination around the world in order to host big and important events.

Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau has recently opened the new division Tuscany for weddings that is dedicated to the international weddings market. The new division is a unique opportunity for all wedding planners and agencies that want to organize a wedding in Florence or in Tuscany: FCVB will provide the best suppliers and will support the client in each stage of the event organization.

Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau is now expanding its business to leisure tourism by developing many projects that will be presented in 2016.

Vivafirenze.it was born as a practical application of the Life Beyond Tourism model with an aim to bring into the world of travelling an innovative model that enables the guests of Florence to get more from their visit of the city. It is the first portal that combines hotel reservation with fundraising in seamless and integrated services, in order to support local non-profit organizations. By booking one of the accommodations of Vivafirenze.it, the guest helps to sustain, at no additional cost, one of the project for taking care of the heritage of Florence.
Our objective is simple: to create sustainable travel services that involve visitors into the care and preservation of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1982, for present and future generations.

We offer favourable conditions of affiliation, as well as an opportunity to take part in a process of re-investment in the city’s heritage, the main driver of tourism for the city. Vivafirenze.it represents a commercial path in a cultural context and provides an answer to the question of change that is arriving into the world of tourism.

Convention Bureau


Criteo delivers personalized performance marketing at an extensive scale. Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure. Criteo has over 1,600 employees in 27 offices across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific, serving over 8,500 advertisers worldwide and with direct relationships with over 10,000 publishers.



Dhynet, the one and only distributive booking engine.
A new business model that allows the incoming operator to manage the sales and marketing levers of the hotel. Not only an online booking system therefore, but a real promotion strategy to ensure a direct relationship, one-to-one with the client using exclusive technologies. Dhynet is the result of twenty years of experience in the Tourism technology and rappresent the enabler factor to revolutionize the rules of the Online Travel..

Hera Net Group


L’acqua oligominerale Dolomia sgorga dalla roccia delle Dolomiti Orientali, oggi Patrimonio UNESCO, in Val Cimoliana, ad 833 metri slm, all’interno del Parco Naturale Dolomiti Friulane, in un territorio protetto, di grande interesse geologico, ricco di un significativo patrimonio faunistico e di una notevole ricchezza fioristica. Un luogo incantato che svela rara bellezza paesaggistica ed il fascino di una natura incontaminata. Dolomia, sai dove nasce, sai cosa bevi.


Emirates Airlines

Emirates – A Flight Of Fortune

The story of Emirates is no less fascinating each time it’s told – and it has been, many times around the world. Dubai’s quest to have its own international airline, the cheque for 10 million US dollars from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the two leased aircraft and the small team that established an airline of the highest order.

Many still marvel at what Emirates has achieved in 28 years, since the first flight to Karachi took off on October 25th, 1985 from a relatively rudimentary Dubai airport.

Under the chairmanship of HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, it is a story of collective wisdom, forensic planning and the boldness to create an airline that would help create an inspiring modern city, snatched from the desert. The growth of Dubai and Emirates went hand in hand and they still do to this day.

With a fleet of more than 200 modern, wide-bodied aircraft, and two aircraft arriving every four weeks, the airline currently flies to over 140 destinations in six continents, from its international hub of Dubai.

Emirates’ standing is so much more than an airline. The company has evolved into a travel and tourism operation on a colossal scale, straddling numerous divisions and propelled forward under the umbrella of the Emirates Group.

The impressive portfolio includes Dubai’s household name of dnata, the successful supplier of air travel services, and many other entities, such as Emirates SkyCargo, Emirates Hotels & Resorts, Skywards and Emirates Aviation College. In all, there are more than 50 brands, employing over 68,000 people.
In the 2013/14 financial year, The Emirates Group has marked its 26th consecutive year of profit. Despite fundamental challenges, the Group’s revenue reached a record high, climbing to (US$ 23.9 billion) an increase of 13 per cent over last year’s results.
Wholly-owned by the government of Dubai, Emirates is often asked about the secret of its success. A passion to be the very best, innovation, a strong management team and astute cost consciousness are amongst the factors that have played an important role.
This approach has led to an array of product offerings such as the extremely popular onboard ice system, loaded with hundreds of entertainment channels on demand, and a host of industry firsts.

Sometimes rivals have accused Emirates of receiving subsidies. We wish that was the case, but the carrier receives no financial assistance from the government of Dubai and is subject to the same market forces as those who stand in awe. Despite this, and jostling in arguably the most competitive industry in the world, Emirates has enjoyed double digit profits for the past 26 years.

All Emirates’ frontline facilities, including the massive Emirates Engineering Centre are now equipped to handle the Airbus A380, 75 of which are on order. The airline’s total order book numbers 274 aircraft valued at over 135 billion US dollars – not bad for an airline that began with two leased aircraft – a Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4.

We will continue to weave high quality training into the fabric of this potent brand and lead with indomitable energy and vision. We realise the world has grown to expect it.

Emirates Airlines


ESCAPE PROJECT – European Senior Citizens’ Actions to Promote Exchange in Tourism

PromoFirenze, Azienda Speciale della CCIAA di Firenze, is a partner of the European project ESCAPE (European Senior Citizens’ Actions to Promote Exchange in Tourism) which aims to promote tourism of senior citizens (over 55).

ESCAPE is a project co-funded by the European Union. It is an initiative of 8 organisations in 6 European countries, namely AGE Platform Europe (Belgium), Cluster for Accessible Tourism (Bulgaria), Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Cyprus), Cyprus Tourism Organisation (Cyprus), Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd (Cyprus), Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Gers (France), PromoFirenze (Italy) and +Passeio Ltd (Portugal).

This project will focus on the development and promotion of senior transnational exchanges in 5 European countries during the low season, namely in Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy and Portugal.
The tour packages specifically for senior citizens will be put online on the website of the ESCAPE project by the end of 2015.



FASTBOOKING’s e-commerce solutions will help your hotel increase profit through a direct sales strategy.With an extensive array of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions on offer, FASTBOOKING brings the digital traveler to hotels’ doorstep.We offer hoteliers tailor-made strategies and on-going expert advice, boosting their direct sales, improving their operating results and helping them get greater independence.Our growth and client loyalty are not only the result of the quality of our technologies. They are also strongly influenced by the unrivalled consulting services and customer support we provide our clients throughout our collaboration.The Account Managers who work with you are Internet natives and experienced in the hospitality industry. They will keep you up to date with ever-evolving, cutting-edge marketing techniques most appropriate for the economic context as well as advise you on how to get the most out of our products and solutions.


Flaccovio Editore

Web Book is a book series created by Dario Flaccovio Editore to bring a breath of fresh air on the shelves of Internet-dedicated books. The topics range from personal branding to usability, from creative design of a website to how to manage a blog, from content management to social media strategy. Web Book has no texts for academical world but is addressed to web marketing beginners and:

  • Professionals, always looking for new material to study
  • Companies, to be able to organize a briefing with other professionals
  • Freelancers and agencies, which often act independently on the Web.
Flaccovio Editore


GeCo Srl was created by joining the marketing proficiencies, sales promotion capabilities and experience in hotel management of VIVAHOTEL – a hotel management company – with the expertise of other companies and individuals specialized in the  different areas of the Hospitality Industry. GECO S.r.l. is specialized in:


– REVENUE MANAGEMENT AND IDS MANAGEMENT: optimized management of the Internet Distribution Systems (online travel agencies), revenue management and maximization of the induced visibility.

– SALE PROMOTION AND REPRESENTATION: sales development via traditional and electronic distribution channels in accordance with the characteristics of the property.

– WEB IDENTITY: Website realization and promotion of the web identity.


– CONSULTANCY: strategic, marketing and operational consultancy, analysis of the property/organization needs, creation of dedicated action plans, and their execution.

– HOTEL ASSESSMENT: a complete analysis of the hotel to achieve competitiveness and the maximum possible efficiency on the cost and revenue areas.

– MANAGEMENT COACHING: support and coaching of the hotel management via management contract or assistance contract.

– DIRECT MANAGEMENT: direct management of hotels and resorts.

– PRACTICABILITY STUDIES: analysis of hotels and resorts projects. Business Plan formulation. Planning support.


Gestione Albergo

GestioneAlbergo is not a simple software house, but it’s the only one able to provide all the solutions for hospitality.

GestioneAlbergo develops and sells a complete package of software solutions and services like PMS, rate allocator, booking-engine, web-sites; GestioneAlbergo represents the ideal partner for the hotel: the e-commerce area (online revenue, web marketing, web reputation and social networks) completes the management area (front office and back office, accounting and revenue analysis).

Gestione Albergo

GP Dati

GP Dati Hotel Service SpA is a leading company in the business of software and services for hotels, with around 1,000 systems currently installed in Italy and Europe.
Headquartered in Venice, GP Dati Hotel Service was founded in 1981, as part of GP Pellegrini Group, with the mission of designing and developing software applications for companies in the hotel industry.
Our team’s experience and the company’s vocation for technological innovation has always enabled us to provide multiple specialized skills, ensuring the highest levels of performance for our clients.

Scrigno – more than just a PMS
Scrigno is a web-based suite designed to provide hotel management with a unique management system for all the strategic areas of a hospitality company. The value of Scrigno lies in its use of just one single, centralized database for all its applications.
The objective is to coherently acquire data from all the transactions made in the operative departments: marketing can profile the customer base, launch focused promotional campaigns and process feedback; sales can maximize profits using all the distribution channels; and administration and control can monitor the business performances with accurate management control.
All this is achieved by exploiting the streamlined, high-performance and secure infrastructure.
Scrigno can be accessed in many ways due to its cloud solution: fully web-based and usable with tablet PCs, it has a modular, scalable structure and, thanks to the hosting formula, guarantees high levels of security in regard to data and privacy. This eliminates the need for investments in hardware, and ensures high performance and a system that is always up-to date.
Developed on an Oracle platform, Scrigno is now available in the ‘software as a service’ formula that permits the use of GP Dati’s advanced software applications as if it were a set of services paid-for on the basis of effective use.

Hotel-LAB.com – web & consulting division
Thanks to the hotel-LAB.com business unit, GP Dati offers strategic support for consulting and web projects.
hotel-LAB.com is skilled in technological solutions and strategies for online sales and digital marketing.
hotel-LAB cutting edge product is the new online booking that innovatively integrates a CMS (content management system) with a booking engine. Fully integrated through web services it is conceived to maximize conversion rate thanks to a very smooth usability and great user experience:, it allows a more accurate and elegant presentation of the contents, and a customizable layout, coherent with the look & feel of the hotel web site and under its domain name. The booking engine is also fully integrated into the Scrigno management suite, with the advantage that bookings, availability and rates are managed in real time by the PMS (Property Management System).
hotel-LAB.com provides also web site projects, SEO, web & social marketing strategies.

GP Dati


HOTELCUBE is a modern and innovative software, easy-to-use and with specific features for each type of hotel business. HOTELCUBE is among the most complete and easiest to customize project management software products in the hotel business. Created by Proxima Service’s expert and specialized team (consisting of specialists on software application solutions and networking, operating system and hardware system experts) and improved thanks to the cooperation of hundreds of qualified professionals, HOTELCUBE has already been the choice of more than 500 hotel managers as an essential tool for the management of their small or large hotels. Also available in its Cloud version, this management software created by Proxima Service can easily be adapted both to the needs of Individual Hotels which use one server and those of Hotel Clusters, Timeshares or Hotel Chains, which make use of more servers and have one or more Headquarters. HOTELCUBE is:

  • Cloud: HOTELCUBE Cloud stands for saving, simplicity and safety. Your hotel can always be connected and in check everywhere from any device without the need for IT maintenance.
  • Complete and structured into modules: Proxima Service project management software offers user-adjustable solutions for the management of every aspect of your hotel business (Project Management Software, F & B, Meeting, SPA, Customer Relationship Management – CRM). Everything that each section needs to work is immediately available to users according to their choice, just a click away.
  • Easy-to-use and precise: HOTELCUBE is provided with an innovative, user-friendly and fast user interface to optimize the whole workflow.
  • Perfectly integrated: HOTELCUBE can be perfectly integrated with several accounting systems (Zucchetti, Sistemi, OSRA, SAP, Team System, Sigla Ultimate, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, …), with the most popular Booking Engines and Channel Manager (Booking Expert, Vertical Booking, Fastbooking, …), and with building automation and electronic banking systems, switchboards and pay-TVs.
  • Guaranteed assistance 365 a year: Proxima Service offers its Help Desk for free, always available every day of the year for all those clients who have signed up for the maintenance fee.

All the functionalities of HOTELCUBE have been designed and created by Proxima Service, Microsoft partner with 18 years’ experience in designing, developing, installing and supporting its integrated and user-adjustable information systems for hotel accommodation facilities. In addition, Proxima Service can provide the following:

  • Systems engineering and software applications consulting
  • Consulting for Business intelligence
  • Consulting for performance audits (Uniform System of Accounting)
  • Hosting and Cloud computing services
  • Specific projects (customization)


Hoxell is an innovative online platform interacting between two main actors of the hotel “Guest Expereince”: guest and staff. It was born from a working team in Lugano (Switzerland) and from the plurennial experience of a hotelier family. HOXELL is an indispensable help for all receptive structures, that want to distinguish themselves thanks to an even more attentive and personalized service for their guests.Thanks to the automatic synchronized system having the hotelier PMS and the data import regarding the booking, the system offers more than 300 features, from the dispatch of personalized emails to the guest (before and after the stay), to the communication of urgent breakdowns in the room, all the information are shared in real time with every department (Booking Centre, Reception, Housekeeping, Maintenance e Food & Beverage) improving the efficiency and optimizing the operative costs.Another feature of the platform, which makes it nowadays unique on an International level, is the possibility given to the guests to personalize their stay through their MyPage, always guaranteeing a unique and custom-made stay. From the online check-in before the arrival, to the choice of the room temperature, the cushion typology, the minibar drinks, museums and shows entry tickets to live better the town…many are the possibilities of personalization depending on the room typology or from the duration of the stay.



Ikon is an award winning digital agency focused on creating innovative solutions: we push the boundaries of technology to better develop our creatvity in the multimedia world. Since 1997 we have been creating websites, mobile applications, 3D animations, virtual reality, videogames, interactive installations, viral and social media campaigns, content management solutions and other such products that exploit the potential of modern digital technologies.
The Ikon team is made up of specialists in various sectors: creative, programming, 3D graphics, animation, web and social media marketing. The team puts together the different skills to create effective and original solutions.
Since the very beginning, Ikon has been awarded with prestigious national and international prizes like: Macromedia/Adobe Site of the Day, Italian Web Award, eContent Award, Web3D Award, Smau Mob App Award and many others. In 2015 Ikon wins the World Summit Award (WSA) Mobile Content with the Ancient Aquileia 3D application. The WSA Mobile Content is an international prize organized by UNESCO and supported by the United Nations, that recognizes the most innovative mobile solutions worldwide.
Ancient Aquileia 3D, selected among more than 20.000 candidates coming from 150 countries, gained the first place in the m-Tourism & Culture category.The strong collaboration of the web, mobile, virtual reality and videogames divisions, results in the development of truly innovative products both on the graphical and technological sides, making use also of interactive tridimesional interfaces and gamification concepts.
Some of the main company clients include: Emirates, Illy Caffè, Etihad, Assicurazioni Generali, Fincantieri, Allianz, Bocconi University, Coca Cola, Costa Crociere and many others.



Instagramers Italia is the Italian community of Instagram addicted, the successful app available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone which boasts over 400 million active users worldwide.
Since March 17, 2013 Instagramers Italia is also a non-profit organization that aims at promoting Instagram and the Mobile Photography by means of events and challenges.

Instagramers and local storytelling
The Igers’ instant photos, endlessly shared on Instagram, contribute to promote the territory through photo-tours of cultural and art spots, food and wine tasting experiences, meetups which becomes an innovative way to support local promotion with a strong potential impact all over the world.
Italian Igers are active in over 90 cities. They have a great deal of initiative and usually organize events such as photo walks, exhibits, bike rides, cultural events, happenings and challenge which deal with culture, sport and social media. These photo-activities call the online attention to the territory.



Iperbooking has been developed based on iper.net’s enviable experience in the area of online booking.Thanks to this booking engine’s innovative and responsive interface, with its unique integrated web/email marketing features like Smart Retargeting and Smart Mailing, our web booking system is rapidly attracting the attention of many hoteliers.The channel manager is integrated with leading online booking portals and is certified by TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder (Holiday Ads) and Kayak. Come and see why it is easier to sell more with Iperbooking.



Jollyticket.com is an e-commerce B2C travel portal and offers a variety of tourism products and services such as flight bookings, hotels, car rental, ground services, flight + hotel packages and “Dynamic Packaging”, based on customer needs.

From May 2014, jollyticket.com is offering the opportunity to experience the excitement of winning everything the costumer is about to buy!The distinctive trait of the project is, in fact, the “instant win” system: at the time of buying one or more products via the portal, the customer can enter an instant drawings competition that gifts the winner the object of purchase.
By registering on jollyticket.com, using the appropriate form on the “myjollyticket” page, the user can choose to participate in the instant drawings competition regulated by the Ministry for Economic Development. Upon confirmation of the transaction made via credit card, the competition provides the buyer the opportunity to win everything that they were in the process of buying. Participation is voluntary and does not involve additional costs for the customer. The winning formula is based on an algorithm developed especially, and certified according to the industry’s best practices: in other words, a predetermined cyclical system guarantees the fairness of the prize allocation system.

In December 2015 jollyticket.com will launch the new platform developed with a highly advanced technology to make the portal more powerful and allow the new implementations that will follow in the upcoming months of 2016.
jollyticket.com will present a new interface, more “usable” and engaging with an entire section of information and travel tips for the best holiday destinations and a blog dedicated to the curiosity and the travel trends that will be online in 2016.


MM One Group

MM ONE Group is the Digital Agency that since 2001 has guided companies in improving and increasing their business potential on Web markets, developing customised digital strategies and offering digital consultancy.

Thanks to our passion for the Web, our ability to anticipate and keep pace with market developments, thanks to a team of over 50 professionals and over 1000 clients, the MM-ONE Group supports accommodation structures on the digital market, offering E-Business models aimed at maximising online turnover and increasing direct sales.

The MM-ONE Group provides a complete digital service: from the creation of successful digital strategies to the constant monitoring of sales performance, suggesting the ideal combination of prices, channels, markets and targets.

It creates websites, Web portals, mobile sites and Apps and supplies BOOKINGONE (the most complete integrated online booking platform on sale today). It also offers Web Marketing based on SEO activities, including abroad (in Europe, China, Russia, Brazil and the USA), AdWords campaigns and PPC, Direct E-mail Marketing, Viral and Social Media Marketing, Listening and Sentiment analysis, Brand Reputation analysis and Public Relations Online.

The latest new feature is the direct fibre optic connection via Ultra Band, which guarantees MM-ONE clients the utmost speed and security. Data and websites are preserved in the MM-ONE Group Data Centre in Italy in a maximum security armoured building, with 24 hour assistance and 2 hop connection with MIX Milano with a 7 Ms delay. We guarantee the utmost performance and the utmost security and our clients websites have a high Google Quality Score.

MM One Group

Mr. Breakfast

Mr. Breakfast is a youngand active company that works in Horeca sector (on-trade industry) for over 10years.
Our experience in breakfastfield has increased over years. This is what allowed to us to provide variousservices and products to our customers. That made the breakfast a memorablemoment.
We have established agroup, Breakfast Point, for some years. This group consists of companies, alloperating in the breakfast sector, that work throughout Italy. 

Mr. Breakfast


MyForecast – Data Analysis Software for Revenue and Price Management, is a “Forecast On Line” for the analysis of historical data and the management of daily pricing policies.It is the result of SICANIASC several years experience and daily work on analysis and development, using dozens of tools and different management software.Working together with hundreds of hotels, each one different from the others, we realized that we were missing a tool that could put together, all in one place, all the data needed for a forecast analysis based both on historical data and on current year objectives.For this reasons we created MyForecast, a 100% web-based software that supports the Hotel right in the application of the daily rates without replacing the evaluation of the professional.It can be integrated with any Channel Manager to send prices to all connected channels, making it a powerful and complete Hotel rates management tool.MyForecast is a brand SICANIASC.MyForecast | Reveal Your Future!



We support hoteliers in implementing Hotel Marketing strategies placing direct sales as the main channel of revenue.Through the strategyATTRACT » CONVERT » SHARE “The Next Hotel Marketing Standard” we have identified an effective path in order to merge modern hospitality web distribution needs with the main goal of maximizing revenues.

– Meta-Search Advertising
– Search Engine Advertising
– Remarketing

– High Performing Booking Engine
– Mulitidevice CMS
– Emotional Web Design & Landing Pages

– Social Media Marketing
– Brand Advocacy

Since 1996 we support hotel managers by providing tailored solutions to improve their online direct sales results.



Octorate is a successful start-up bringing travel technology to everyone. Our cloud based tools, facilitate hoteliers around the world to manage their workload more effectively. Our range of software answers all kind of hotel requirements intuitively and efficiently.
We have the appropriate package for small and middle sized properties.

Our product range include:
– Channel Manager
– Booking Engine
– Real Planning
– Rate Shopper
– Reputation Checker
– Payement Manager (Certified PCI)

Octorate is the All-in-One software solution for hotels, B&B and vacation rentals.


Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality provides leading applications and hardware for the hospitality industry. Our hotel management, point-of-sale, distribution, mobility, food & beverage and reporting solutions are utilized by hotel operators globally.
Using 35 years of industry expertise, Oracle Hospitality helps you deliver exceptional guest experiences while cutting IT cost and complexity.

Micros Oracle


Oscar is an innovative software platform that has evolved over the years thanks to the valuable contribution of many hoteliers and which conceives WiFi as a “means of communication” through which a hotel is able to communicate with its guests and vice versa.The key points of the package are the following: sociability, customer profiling, local offers and upselling services, brand monitoring and an “emotions diffuser”.Designed to be of service to the customer, the platform “speaks” 8 languages including Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian and allows “Social Login” to 13 social networks. The classics – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – have recently been joined by Chinese sites QQ, Weibo, Tencent, Renren as well as the Russian site VKontacte.Simple and very flexible both in implementation and use, the system is currently operating in about 500 accommodation facilities of various types throughout Italy.Oscar WiFi is developed and distributed by InWYA.


Parity Rate

ParityRate Channel Manager 2.0 is the best product for the online sales management.Allows you to be faster in updating your availability online. You will have the opportunity to increase the number of partner sites and therefore increase your visibility!Benefits: web based service, realtime inventory (no overbooking risk), unlimited websites, maximise your online revenue opportunities, Set up control on minimum and max rate in order to minimise errors, detailed statistics for the analysis of sales online, Set-up alerts for booking pick up and online revenue, Rate shopper (compare competitors rates and availability in real time).

Parity Rate


Qualitando is an established and dynamic company specialized in web brand reputation and customer satisfaction.The system enables the detection and automatic processing of acceptance of products and services from customers, translating them into useful statistics.It’s a winning product because converts satisfied customers opinions in excellent reviews on several web communities, primarily TripAdvisor!It’s a very useful marketing tool because it helps to retain clients and disintermediation from ota and agency.


RES – TrustYou – STR Global

RES Hospitality Business Developers is the leading Italian market intelligence provider.

Established in 2000, in 2005 RES partnered with STR Global – the authority in hospitality data – and in 2013 with TrustYou – the standard for reputation – based on VERIFIED REVIEWS, adopted in Switzerland, Ireland Germany, Austria, Piedmont and Trentino.

In 15 years, RES matured a consistent knowledge developing adetailed qualitative and quantitative profile of the hospitality offer nationwide.

RES database consists of 28.000 hotels and through STR Global monitors 38 destinations nationwide, providing services to over 1.000 clients in various form: AICA – Italian Hotel Chains Association –Performance Observatory

28 local Hotel Performance Barometers, some of which in conjunction with Chamber of Commerce, Institutions and EBIT.

Endorsed by Federalberghi, since January 18 2014, RES – STR Global data are part of the standard parameters used in monitoring CCNL Tourism trends.

In conjunction with Federalberghi and financed by Turin Chamber of Commerce, RES established the first “Integrated Hospitality Barometer“, combining qualitative and quantitative KPI, and is spreading its successful model nationwide.

Years of experience and deep knowledge of the Italian hospitality sector trends, combined with the most advanced and reliable monitoring tools, make RES a key business intelligence supplier for operators and investors interested in evaluating new business opportunities in the Italian accommodation market.


Regione Abruzzo

Region Abruzzo will take part in VIII edition of BTO in Florence on 2nd and 3rd of December 2015.
The presence of our institutional organisation is important as a part of the strategy of “presence on and offline” of the touristic Destination Abruzzo, to make wider the knowledge of Abruzzo, the Europe’s green region, with three national and one regional park (the National Park of Abruzzo is the oldest in Italy)and more than twenty WWF Oasis and natural reserves.
In Abruzzo we can admire the highest peak of Appenines (the Corno Grande), that reaches almost 3000 mt high and the most southern glacier in Europe.The region has a 130 km coastline, with wide and sandy coast in the northern part and more irregular in the south; along the coast there are important touristic project as #wifitocoast and the #biketocoast.

Regione Abruzzo

Regione Lazio

Regione Lazio is committed, with the Regional Agency of Tourism, to lead the evolution of its territory to an industry of experience and creativity, capable of transforming the purpose of a trip in land development and wealth for businesses.
Its presence at the eight edition of BTO means to encourage the participation of those Tour Operators of Lazio who are interested in the most challenging trends of tourism, in order to provide them with an opportunity to upgrade, training and sharing innovative actions for the promotion of tourism in the region.
Regione Lazio will have its own institutional stand and two slots for specific training sessions, taught by experts, as part of the interactive workshops called “toolboxes”.

Regione Lazio

Regione Puglia

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, sits between two seas: the Adriatic to the East and the Ionian to the south. This strategic position, combined with more than 800 kilometers of beautiful coast-line, has shaped the region’s history and development. Puglia is known as the natural Italian gate to the East of the Mediterranean area.A landscape made of green rolling hills showcases small historical towns surrounded by lush green olive groves and vineyards. Miles of coastline alternate little harbors with fortresses and lighthouses to white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.Puglia is a region which combines ancient traditions with modern lifestyle. The warm hospitality of the people from Puglia make visitors feel at home.


By plane: Puglia International Airports of Bari and Brindisi are directly connected with the International hubs of Rome, Milan, Istanbul, Munich and Zurich and with the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruxelles, Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Karlsruhe, London, Moscow, Prague, Paris, Riga, Stuttgart and, Warsaw.

By train: High-speed railway – Eurostar – connections with Rome (4 hours). Local trains connect major cities with most of the regional.

By car & motorcycle:In Puglia there is an excellent network of Highways and National Roads connecting the region’s north and south with the main cities of south and centre Italy. Rome 430 km, Naples 260 km, Bologna 670 km.

By bus: There are daily services from Rome, Boulogne and Milan to Foggia, Bari, Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto.Bus services in Puglia are provided by a variety of companies and it is possible to get to any regional location.

By ferry: Direct car/passenger ferries connects Bari and Brindisi ports with Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

Cruises: Bari is part of the cruise ship itineraries of some of the most important companies of the Mediterranean.

Find out more information about Puglia on the official websites:
viaggiareinpuglia.it , the regional tourism site;
weareinpuglia.it , the regional site for international promotion;
agenziapugliapromozione.it , DMS – Destination Management System a platform through which the regional tourism system can plan promotional activities on tourism, to create the profile of your company and promote the activities offered through different promotion channels (trade shows, events and workshops).

Follow us on @viaggiarepuglia @pugliaevents: Facebook, Flickr, Issuu, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare

Regione Puglia

Regione Sicilia

We’re back once again to BTO.
Yet ready to learn , gain insights and ideas to move better in the fast world of online tourism constantly evolving. Always searching for the right tools to improve, we bring our small news and our great desire to share Sicily on the web.

Regione Sicilia


ReviewPro is the leading provider of Guest Intelligence solutions to independent hotel brands worldwide. The company’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions includes Online Reputation Management (ORM) and the Guest Survey Solution (GSS), which enable hoteliers to obtain deeper insight into operational and service strengths and weaknesses, increasing guest satisfaction, ranking on review sites and OTAs, and driving revenue.

The company offers the industry-standard Global Review IndexTM (GRI), an online reputation score (available exclusively to ReviewPro clients), which is used by thousands of hotels worldwide as a benchmark for reputation management efforts, based on review data collected from 161 online travel agencies (OTAs) and review sites in more than 45 languages.

More than 18,000 hotel brands worldwide are currently using ReviewPro’s solutions, including Kempinski, AtaHotels, Loews, The Library Collection, Red Carnation, UNA Hotels & Resorts, The Ascott Limited, Royal Group Hotels & Resorts, citizenM, among many others.


Serenissima Informatica

Software and services for the Hospitality industry. For more than 30 years we have been providing business solutions for the Hospitality industry, working together with the best international partners. Our key values are the quality of customer service and technological innovation.The Serenissima Hotel Management System is the answer to the needs of hotel chains and independent hotels: installed on premise or in Hosting, with the ability to integrate multiple modules, it allows the customer to manage all strategic areas of the hotel business, from Sales to Business Intelligence and Management Control, through Revenue Management, Marketing, CRM, Restaurant, Spa and Administration.With a team of over 100 professionals and consultants trained on Hospitality business processes, we put the greatest care to provide technology to hotels and restaurants through a complete portfolio of Software, Apps, Social CRM solutions, Data Discovery solutions, Hardware, Hosting and Cloud Computing, consulting and support services.

Serenissima Informatica

Simple Booking

Booking engine più diffuso in Italia, Simple Booking riunisce in sé booking engine, channel manager, mobile e social booking engine. Simple Booking nasconde la sua potenza dietro a un’interfaccia intuitiva ed efficace; i clienti troveranno la miglior tariffa con un click, mentre lo staff potrà gestire le prenotazioni alla velocità della luce.
Le sue funzionalità lo rendono versatile e adatto ad ogni tipologia di struttura alberghiera, oltre a essere perfettamente integrabile con portali, OTA, IDS, GDS e metasearch come Trivago, Google Hotel Finder e TripAdvisor.
Offre inoltre channel manager XML a due vie, è completo di mobile website, permette il dynamic packaging e garantisce la massima sicurezza in fase di prenotazione.
La nuova tecnologia True Rate garantisce automaticamente il prezzo più conveniente per l’albergatore, aumentando i tassi di conversione e assicurando i migliori risultati in termini di disintermediazione.

Simple Booking

SWING® by Exposervice srl

EXPOSERVICE srl, with over 25 years of experience on flooring for furnishing and contract sector, is glad to present its latest product SWING the universal flooring: smart, strong and extremely silent to the walkway, easy to install without glue, 100% waterproof, it represents ideal solution for hotels, wellness & spa areas, restaurants and bars.

SWING® by Exposervice srl

Telecom Italia S.p.A.

The main Italian Group of Telecommunications and ICT
Telecom Italy is the main group ICT and digital technology partner of Italy. Abroad, the strong point is Brazil, where TIM Brasil is one of the major players in the market. The portfolio includes telecommunications, Internet, digital content, cloud services, platforms and digital solutions, office and system solutions. Innovation is the basis of the strategy of the Group and in the three years 2015-2017 will invest 5 billion euro on networks and next-generation technologies, cloud computing, new data center, to enrich connectivity with innovative services and digital. The goal is to increase to 75% of the population the ultra-broadband fixed and 95% to the mobile. In Brazil it is focusing on next-generation infrastructure, with an investment of over 4 billion euro by 2017.

Telecom Italia S.p.A.

That’s Prato

That’s Prato is a pilot project to promote the Province of Prato’s cultural heritage and local products. It is a collaboration with the Region of Tuscany, the Chamber of Commerce, and all the municipalities in the area

That's Prato


Tnooz is a global provider of news, analysis, commentary, education, data and business services to the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It is the leading voice to the industry for all areas related to travel technology.


Travel Appeal

Travel Appeal is a startup incubated by H-FARM which operates in digital communication and big data analysis for the travel industry. Travel Appeal Index is a proprietary technology created to collect and analyse data related to destinations: thanks to a proprietary algorithm it is able to return a normalised score. Travel Appeal Index is the core of various products for web reputation monitoring and analysis about hotels, restaurants, cities, regions and DMO. The product which has already been validated by the market is a new generation reputation manager thought for the hospitality industry (hotels, B&Bs, lodgings etc.) and for restaurants to manage and improve their appeal on the web. It also provides customers with strategic advices to take practical actions and then it monitors and measures in real time the results of these actions. Travel Appeal has been founded in 2013; nowadays the team has 16 members.

Travel Appeal


TravelClick has been the market and product leader for more than 15 years, providing ecommerce solutions. More than 38,000 hotels of all types and sizes benefit from using our solutions.
We are hotel experts dedicated to serving the needs of hoteliers. Discover our 5 business lines work together.



Travelers find the ideal hotel for the best priceon www.trivago.com. trivago is the world’s largest onlinehotel search site, comparing  rates from over 900,000 hotels on over 250booking sites worldwide. trivago integrates over 200 million hotel ratings and15 million photos in order to make finding the perfect hotel easier for users.Over 120 million visitors per month find their idealhotel by using trivago’s various filters. trivago was founded in 2005 inDüsseldorf, Germany and currently operates 52 international country platformsin 33 languages.



UniCredit is a leading
European commercial bank with an international network spanning 50 markets,
with more than 8,400 branches 1 and over
146,000 employees 2. The Group operates in 17 European countries.

UniCredit benefits from a strong
European identity, extensive international presence and broad customer
base. Its strategic position in Western and Eastern Europe gives the
group one of the region’s highest market shares.

The Group operates in the
following countries: Austria,
Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany,
Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine and


VacanzeAnimali.it / VacanzeConBimbi.it

VACANZEANIMALI.IT, with more than 10 million page views per year and a constant presence at the top of the Search Engines, is the reference portal for pet-friendly accommodation Tourism in Italy to 4 Paws.Visitors can contact more than 6,000 Farmhouses, Hotels, Resorts, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Beaches, and other facilities that accept dogs and other animals.Even on the road, thanks to a brand new version of Mobile and Free Apps for iPhone and Android in a few minutes you can organize holidays with your furry friends.

VACANZECONBIMBI.IT is the website of choice for thousands of families to better organize holidays with their children throughout Italy by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the cities of art.Search through thousands of tourist facilities and accommodation with specific services for children and infants; a special section devoted to teaching farms as well as many travel ideas is also present.The colorful version of the site for Smartphones and Apps for iOS and Android, allowing easy navigation on-the-go.

VacanzeAnimali.it / VacanzeConBimbi.it

Vivere di Turismo

Training and Consulting for the non hotel accommodations.

To invest in training is really important to meet challenges of the touristic area.

The problem is that there is none complete training courses, in which real useful information can be learnt by whose who are working in the non hotel accommodations area.

It is a problem we know very well. We began as non hotel accommodations businessmen and we had to face the same difficulties, finding out solutions on our own, without anyone helping or explaining how to resolve these questions.

From this experience, we had the idea of a project able to guide the non hotel accommodations businessmen in the development of their activities, wishing to compensate the lack of training courses.

While all the others teach theoretical knowledge, difficult to apply for real, thanks to Vivere di Turismo you can learn concrete solutions and obtain concrete results, having a high positive impact on your activity and on your life.

A project supported by the European Commission who has identified us as a key element in the Tourism development.

Vivere di Turismo


VOXmail is a professional email marketing service, established in 2008.Born to be easy, fast and reliable, today is the reference for thousands of customers, thanks to its simple and usable interface and the best deliverability to italian and international email providers.


Zeppelin Group

Zeppelin Group is a company specializing in Internet marketing solutions. Our mission is to lead our clients toward a successful digital communication, guiding them in project development and the creation of Internet solutions. Our success is based on our core competences: marketing and technology.We have more than 15 years of experience in the tourism sector. With a specialized division we support hotel chains and clubs, four and five star hotels, tourism organizations and tour operators. Our know-how and our services in brief:
– Development of strategies in web marketing and digital branding
– Design and creation of conversion oriented websites
– Scheduling and implementation of performance oriented web marketing actions (SEA, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.)
– Integration of platforms for the management of online sales (CRM, newsletter tool, ReGuest)We don’t want our clients to be just visible on the Internet, we want them to feel like Rock Stars on the stage.

Zeppelin Group