Creating an online bookings portal is worthwhile. We’ll convince you of this by sharing

Does it still make sense to launch a bookings portal in a market dominated by the OTAs?

We will analyse some success stories, showing you how it is possible to profit from a portal, by uniting tourism operators, choosing the correct sales policies and investing in the local area and the tourist travel experience.

We will find out how Consortiums for Tourism Promotion, Events organisers and Networks of Businesses and Associations have succeeded in carving out a place for themselves on the national and international travel market.

Together we will see how simply all this can be done in a few clicks, thanks to Bookingfor, a bookings portal generator which allows you to create your own OTA rapidly, drastically reducing startup costs and putting investment to effective use.

This session will be repeated in Side TWO of BTO 2015, #7 Focus Hall from 11,10 to 12,00.

This session will be repeated in Side TWO of BTO 2015, #7 Focus Hall from 11.10 to 12.00.

Nicola Grassetto – Bookingfor
Alberto Bottacin – Bookingfor

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