Social innovation in tourism: experiences

In Italian

Viaggi Solidali (ethical journeys), the European project by Migrantour: immigrants show tourists and visitors where they live their lives and express their culture in twelve European cities.

Il Giusto di Viaggiare (the justice of travel): properties confiscated from the Mafia become sites for visits, meetings and testimony, with young people committed to legality.

Brigands of Cerreto and Valle dei Cavalieri: mountain villages regenerate through community tourism and the rediscovery of genuine traditions and history.

Organised by AITR – Italian Association for Responsible Tourism

Introduction and moderation:
Maurizio Davolio – President AITR – Italian Association for Responsible Tourism 

Enrico Marletto – President of Viaggi Solidali
Valeria Marino – Libera il g(i)usto di viaggiare
Erika Farina – Founder Briganti di Cerreto
Oreste Torri – Valle dei Cavalieri

Flavia Coccia – SI.Camera

All the events of December 2nd [Day One]