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Man in a suitecase

In Italian

The exponential growth of Airbnb has demolished certainty in the hospitality sector. No longer a Sharing Economy phenomenon, it has become a real leading player, considered by many as a true competitor of giants like and Expedia. With Airbnb is April Rinne, one of the world’s leading experts on the Sharing Economy.

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Keynote speaker:
Matteo Stifanelli (Airbnb)

April Rinnie


Oh my God

In Italian

The event of the year worldwide. Every TV channel in the world talked about it. In the USA Fabio is already a rock star. The video has been viewed more than 25 million times. Creator Fabio Zaffagnini tells us how it happened.

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Special Event:
Fabio Zaffagnini (1000 Rockin)


Can’t stand losing you

In Italian

We were on the verge of losing group, but instead the new group, which also includes Bravofly and Rumbo, has bounced back. In an interview by Giancarlo Carniani, we try to understand the strategies used and how it’s possible to gain a share of the market in the face of the Booking / Expedia duopoly..

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Keynote+ Interview:
Fabio Cannavale ( group)
Giancarlo Carniani


Next to you

In English

We take an in-depth and up-to-date look at what Google could do with its new travel products, with reflection from Dell Ross and Philip Wolf. How will the ‘instant booking’ services of Google and Tripadvisor affect the market?

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Del Ross (Noctober)
Philip Wolf


King of Pain

In English

With a keynote speech by David Turnbull (one of the men behind the success of the CitizenM brand), we attempt to analyse the changes occurring in distribution. Are all the major hotel companies – Accor, Starwood, Hilton – looking at the model?

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Keynote + Talkback:
David Turnbull (Snapshot/CitizenM)
Jan Tissera (TravelClick)
Jean Luc Chretien (Accor)
Giancarlo Carniani


The bed’s too big without you

In English

The 20 innovations that will change the world of hospitality, through the analysis of attentive observer Larry Mogelonsky. When will they arrive? How can we be ready?

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Keynote + Talk:
Larry Mogelnosky (LMA)
Carlo Fontana (Hoxell)
Giovanna Manzi (BestWestern)
Giancarlo Carniani


So lonely

In Italian

Felicità, Carlin Petrini intervistato da Marcello Masi.

Il Direttore del TG2 intervista il fondatore di SlowFood, la persona posizionata dal Guardian tra le 50 che potrebbero salvare il pianeta.

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Marcello Masi [Direttore TG2]

Carlin Petrini [Fondatore SlowFood]



Message in a Bottle

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Destinations Marketing seen through its procedures and the successful model that is BrandUSA. We discuss the future of destinations with reference to well-established models like VisitLondon.

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Keynote + Talk:
Carroll Rheem (Brand USA)
Joanna Darwin (VisitLondon)
Roberta Milano


Voices inside my head

In English [with simultaneous translation]

The voices we have inside, above and through our heads, the voices of our mobile phones. We take a look at the remarkable research of Criteo and attempt to analyse, understand and discuss it.

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Keynote + Talk:
Daniele Beccari (Criteo)
Ghassan Teffaha (Amadeus)
Lorenzo Lanati (Tripadvisor)
Philip Wolf 


Too much information

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Big data in tourism & metasearch travel behaviors of Europeans.

Everything you should know about travel habits and trends when planning a trip and searching for a hotel room through the metasearch. How these huge amount of travel information get produced and handled? Big data in Tourism can really tell everything needed?

Exclusive research by trivago for BTO 2015 to know more about Big Data in the metasearch world.

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Keynote + Interview:
Giulia Eremita e Sidney Burdick (Trivago)
Giancarlo Carniani


Truth hits everybody

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Instant Booking on a platform such as Tripadvisor threatens to change the usual procedures for online booking. Large companies such as Marriott welcomed it immediately, others, like, have taken a while to get used to it. Is the Tripadvisor model stronger than ever? There’s a world beyond reviews.

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Thomas Landen (Revinate)
Helena Egan (Tripadvisor)
Yahya Fetchati (Bookassist)


When the world is running down you make the best of what’s still around

In English

The Uber phenomenon has literally thrown the online world and the world of transport into turmoil with its quotations and a business model everyone is copying. We try and understand this phenomenon, through an interview by Philip Wolf.

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Tomaso Rodriguez (Uber)
Philip Wolf